About Us

Our Ethics 

Vote for the Earth with your Dollar- as individuals we can often feel insignificant in regards to making a difference to what's happening in the world around us and our environment. We all need to eat and buy food, one easy way we can play our part is to make food choices which are organic, fair trade and local.

Healthy Food Choices- we believe in living, promoting and supporting healthy individuals by providing access to healthy foods. Healthy individuals help to build healthy and happy families and communities. 

Low Food Miles- by choosing local products we reduce the distance foods have to travel to end up on our plates. This reduces the amount of non-renewable carbon emitting fossil fuels used to transport our food, limiting the impact on our environment. For certain food items, local produce is not available. In this instance, Woodstone Pantry have chosen the next best option to provide you with a range of products to fill your pantry. If you're looking to source local foods look for the Australia symbol. 

Buying in Bulk- At Woodstone Pantry we offer plenty of options for buying bulk pantry items. Buying in bulk is a cost effective way to stock your pantry and reduces unnecessary packaging. Look out for the piggy bank symbol for items which save you money by buying in larger quantities. It is a great option to split the cost of an item with family and friends to save your money and the environment. 

Choosing Organic- Choosing organic foods ensures you and your family avoid harmful chemicals, additives and genetically modified foods. It also promotes the use of sustainable farming practices which use natural resources, preserving our Earth. 

Mission Statement

To provide organic, healthy and locally sourced food at an affordable price and to offer food choices which help to preserve our Earth.

My Story

My name is Alicia, I created Woodstone Pantry because making good food choices and living a healthy well nourished life is what I am passionate about.

On return from an extended trip around the world, visiting and living on farms and with local communities in some very remote places I came home and wanted to create something that combined everything I was passionate about. So when my brother-in-law and his wife started Woodstone Farm, a local Perth, organic market garden, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to create a partnership. Together we aim to provide the local Perth community with access to both fresh food and organic pantry items. 

Over the past decade I have used food as a way to address a number of health issues, stocking my pantry with quality produce has become a part of my everyday life and feel that having access to food sourced as locally and organically as possible is often the best place to start. 

Woodstone Pantry is a way for me to share some of the best products I have come across with affordable prices, giving people the opportunity to make good food choices whilst knowing there has been much thought and research behind each product I offer.