War on Waste- How to Become a More Sustainable Shopper

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Last night ABC aired another special episode of War on Waste. It is fantastic that this issue is getting the exposure it deserves. It is a thought provoking show, creating conversation and bringing waste into the limelight. 

small and gradual changes

Although far from perfect, my journey in becoming a more sustainable shopper has been a gradual one, predominantly influenced by my husband's inner hippy and my brother and sister in law whom both have studied sustainability at university. I have been lucky to have had such positive influences to guide me. Over time I have adopted new habits and let go of unhelpful ones to become a more conscious shopper. 

Some of these changes include, making my own nut milk instead of purchasing it in cartons, using a reusable water bottle (the plastic bottles make the water taste gross anyways!), using reusable glass straws, ditching the glad wrap for beeswax wraps, composting food scraps and reusing resealable frozen berry bags to store peeled ripe bananas in the freezer for smoothies. Although each of these actions may appear small and insignificant individually, collectively they can make a difference.

How to become a more sustainable shopper? Woodstone Pantry's range of products is expanding...

Woodstone Pantry has grown from offering primarily organic pantry food items to now also providing customers a place to purchase reusable, sustainable home products. We now sell a range of fantastic, locally sourced items including:

  • vegan and beeswax food wraps 
  • stainless steel straws
  • reusable produce bags 


These items are a great investment for the home, helping to reduce our impact on the environment. They also make fantastic Christmas gifts for a friend or family member! The new DIY food wraps are especially awesome as a cool yet practical gift. 

Shop for these locally made products here

Don't beat yourself up-it's a journey

At the end of the day, it is important not to beat ourselves up over what we are or are not doing but instead focus on making small steps in the right direction towards reducing the amount of waste we generate in our day to day lives. 

Know of any plastic saving home products you would like to see at Woodstone Pantry? Let me know! 

Have a happy and healthy week!

Alicia x 


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