Sun Dried Tomato & Walnut Savoury Crumble

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Most of the time the meals I make are pretty simple-usually I just pull out a mixture of veggies I have bought from the farmer's market, saute them with some fresh herbs and fat and serve with some protein. I also love one-pot meals, where I put everything in together with some home-made stock and let it simmer away. However, sometimes it is nice to make some quick little sides or condiments, making a meal more interesting and tasty! That's where this quick and easy sun dried tomato and walnut crumble comes in. All you need to do is pulse all the ingredients in a food processor and it's done! 

This 'crumble' goes really well in a range of dishes. Try it on top of baked fish or chicken, sprinkle on top of a salad or steamed vegetables, mix into a risotto, on top of scrambled eggs etc. I usually make a batch to use in dinner and then store it in a jar in the fridge and use it in various other dishes and lunches over the next few days. 

This crumble mixture is moist enough to roll into balls and then dehydrate (either in a dehydrator or in an oven set to a low temperature) to make into tasty raw vegan 'meatballs'. Alternatively you could scatter the mixture on an oven tray and bake until crispy and use as grain free croutons in a salad or soup! 

Also, feel free to get creative and mix up the ingredients. You could add olives, capers, swap walnuts for other nuts or just use a combination of sunflower and pumpkin seeds to make it nut free. Feel free to use other spices such as paprika and chilli powder to give it a Mexican flavour, delicious served with burritos or tacos!


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Sun Dried Tomato & Walnut Savoury Crumble


How to: 

  1. Put all ingredients into a food processor and pulse until the mixture becomes crumbly. 
  2. Serve as per one of the recommendations above and enjoy! 



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