Coconut Oil: Which Type to Choose?

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Coconut oil has become extremely popular in recent times, with many people using it in cooking, baking, smoothies and hair and beauty products. As a result, there are so many different coconut oil brands on the market and they all claim on their labels to have a multitude of health benefits. However, not all coconut oils are created equal. At Woodstone Pantry we have done the background checks and scrutinised the labels for you, choosing the best quality coconut oils on the market. This saves you time comparing multiple products at the supermarket or the health food store.

This blog is all about deciphering the different types of coconut oil- helping you make an informed decision and cut down the confusion. 

  • Organic Vs Conventional

Organic coconut oil comes from coconuts which are grown without the use of pesticides. Although coconut products aren't shown to have significant pesticide residue, it is important to choose organic if you purchase a refined coconut oil as organic production does not allow the use of any nasty chemicals in the extraction of the oil.  

  • Refined Vs Raw 

Refined coconut oil has been processed to remove a lot of the coconut flavour and gives it a higher smoke point, making it a good choice for cooking foods at high temperatures. However, you need to be careful which brand of refined coconut oil you choose. Most of them use chemicals to extract the oil from dried coconut flesh which has been deodorised and bleached, not good! Organic brands however, often extract using steam which is much safer. 

Raw or unrefined coconut oil is made from fresh, raw coconut meat. It has more of the coconut flavour and retains much more of the health benefits and antioxidants. 

  • Virgin Vs Extra Virgin

There is no real difference between virgin and extra virgin coconut oil, they are both forms of an unrefined product. 

  • Cold Pressed

Cold pressed coconut oil is extracted at a low temperature from fresh, dried coconut flakes. It is considered raw, has a stronger coconut flavour and retains all the valuable nutrients. 

  • Expeller-Pressed 

Expeller-pressed coconut oil is still considered an unrefined product, however, it is extracted at higher temperatures than cold-pressed oil. It does not rely on chemicals or solvent extracts. It has less of a coconut flavour and a higher smoke point. 

I hope this helps to clear up any confusion between the multitude of labels you see on the several coconut brands available. 

What coconut oil do you like best? If you have a brand you love, we would love to hear about it! 

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